Mrs. Martin's Music Studio

Mrs.  Martin’s Music Studio
Studio Policy August 2017

Lesson Options and Price: * Prices have remained the same. *

  • Ages 3-6: $13/20 min.
  • Students ages 7+ or approved 6 year old: $20/30 min., $30/45 min., $35/60 min.
    It is recommended that students over the age of 12 take at least a 45 minute lesson.
  • Students taking 2 instruments: $40/two 30 min. lessons, $50/two 45 min. lessons
Parents are required to stay for students younger than 5 years of age, but are invited to stay for all lessons.  

Tuition: NEW!

   Payments can be made by cash or check.  If you pay with cash, there will be a $5 “convenience discount.” Payments not made by the first lesson will have a $5 “late fee.” In each option below, please see the information about studio fees.

       Option 1: Monthly
Payment will be due at the first lesson of each month, based on the number of lessons in that month. In addition, there will be a $5 studio fee for resources and materials used at lessons. Example: 4 lessons in a month = 4 x lesson price + $5.

       Option 2: Tri-annually (“Trimesterly”) 
Payment will be due the first lesson of each trimester. The trimester break down is: September – December, January – April, May – August.  There will be 2 “free” lessons built in to each trimester cost. In addition, there will be a $15 studio fee for resources and materials used at lessons.  Example: 16 weeks in a trimester = 14 x lesson price + $15.


Cancellation Policy:

   In the event of cancelling a lesson, you must notify the teacher via MyMusicStaff (preferred) or e-mail ONLY.   Lessons that are cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will receive one lesson credit next billing cycle.  Lesson credits may not exceed 2 per trimester.  Lessons that are cancelled less than 24 hours, but more than 12 hours in advance will receive a make-up credit (see section below on Make-up Policy).Lessons cancelled less than 12 hours in advance will not receive a make-up or lesson credit.  

   Additionally, you can swap lessons with another student using the Remind app or another form of communication (more information is in the Communication section).  This must be mutually agreed upon by both students, and the teacher does not need to be notified of the switch.  

   Lessons canceled by the teacher due to illness or inclement weather, will receive a make-up credit.  If I know in advance I will not be having lessons a certain week, I will not include it in the month’s or trimester’s cost.  

Make-up Policy:

   There will be one day a month dedicated to make-up lessons.  It is your responsibility to select a time that works for you.  You may have one make-up credit, per student, per month.  Make-up credits cannot be saved or “roll-over”.  If you miss a make-up lesson, an additional make-up credit will not be given.

   In addition to one dedicated make-up day per month, students may use a make-up credit in any available lesson time during the week. You may sign up for a make-up lesson on MyMusicStaff.  Example: if your lesson is on Thursday, there is an open lesson time on Monday, and you have a make-up credit, you may come to a lesson on Monday, as a make-up, and your regular lesson time on Thursday.  

Families with Two or More Students:

   If a family has 2 or more students taking, there will be a $5 discount for each student after the first. Studio fees will also be discounted, but this will vary depending on your tuition plan. Another perk is if one student from a family cannot make lessons, the other student(s) from that family may have the lesson time instead of receiving a make-up or lesson credit, if desired.


   All students are required to have their own books, including a notebook for lesson notes.   Books may be purchased from the teacher, online, or at a music store.  Although the sharing or passing along of books is a money saver, it is not conducive to teaching, as students need to mark up their own music.

   It is encouraged for each student to have a “practice pack” near their piano.  This could include pencils, pens, highlighters, crayons or colored pencils, white-out, sticky notes, or more! A pencil is required for every student.  If you would like to purchase a “practice pack” with necessary materials, you may do so for $10.  


Practice Time:

   To get the most successful, positive lesson experience, a certain amount of practice time is required. Piano practicing needs to be on a piano or full sized keyboard.  Singing practice needs to be in front of a piano, if you have piano skills, with a CD accompaniment, or a recording from lessons. Theory, workbooks, breathing exercises and warm-ups may be done anywhere, but having a piano/keyboard in front is helpful.  

The following are recommended instrumental practice times by age:

Ages   3 – 5Ages   5 – 9Ages   10 – 13Ages   13 – 16Ages   16 and up
15 min/week30 min/week45 min/week60 min/week90 min/week

The following are recommended voice practice times by age:

Type of PracticeAges   8 – 10Ages   10 – 13Ages   13 – 16Ages   16 and up
Breathing   Exercises3 set/day4 set/day5 sets/day6 sets/day
Warm-up   Exercises3x/week4x/week5x/week6x/week
Song/Composer   Research10 min/week15 min/week20 min/week30 min/week
Song   Practice20 min/week20 min/week25 min/week30 min/week


   There are numerous apps that are helpful for lessons.Having a smartphone or tablet to practice with and/or bring to lessons will be greatly beneficial when used correctly.Students taking an instrumental lesson should have access to a metronome, physical or digital.  Students who do not play piano and are taking voice lessons should either have the CD accompaniments to their songs or a recording app to practice with at home.   You can sometimes find “karaoke” versions online, but they may not be the correct tempo, key, or version, so only use this as a last-ditch effort.


   Instead of a notebook for lesson notes, you may choose the option of having your notes e-mailed to you via MyMusicStaff.  These notes need to be handily accessible and/or printed out for ease.   By typing notes rather than handwriting them, I can write more details and instructions.  This option is especially helpful for younger children who may have trouble reading my atrocious handwriting. 

  • To swap a lesson using Remind, you need to sign-up and join the “class.” You may do this one of two ways:

1) Text the code @MMMSBuPa to the number 81010.  Follow any directions you receive back.

2) Download the Remind app, create an account (or login to an existing account), click on “join a class” and enter the code @MMMSBuPa

  •  Another way to swap lessons would be via e-mail, text, or phone call, using the studio directory on MyMusicStaff.  If you plan on swapping lessons, please make sure you do so at least 48 hours prior to the first swapped lesson time.
   In the event of a teacher canceled lesson, you will be notified via e-mail and a Remind message.