Mrs. Martin's Music Studio

Often times, I have parents/students ask what materials will be used in lessons. This varies greatly based on the instrument and age of the student.

Here are some examples of  method books I use for my students. You will be given specifics for which book you need to purchase closer to our first lesson together.

Piano Lessons for 3 1/2 to 5 year olds:

Piano Lessons for 5-9 year olds:

Piano Lessons for students ages 10 and up:

Voice Lessons for 6-10 year olds:

Voice Lessons for 11-13 year olds:

  • Daffodils, Violets, and Snowflakes
  • Broadway for Teens
  • The Teens Musical Theatre Collection
  • Disney Solos for Kids

Voice Lessons for 13 year olds and up: 

  • The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology
  • Roses, Laughter, and Lullabies (Mezzo-Sopranos/Altos)
  • Lovers, Lasses, and Spring (Sopranos)
  • Young Ladies, Shipmates, and Journeys (Baritones/Basses)

All students need a notebook to keep lesson notes in.

For voice students, a way to voice record lessons is also helpful.  

For piano students, I have an iPad app that goes along with our lessons. If you have an iPad, bring it!